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The Geniuses of History were NOT Geniuses!

    You read the title right, the geniuses of the world were not geniuses! But how can I say such a thing! What facts could I possibly have to prove this statement?

    Its simple in can all be summed up in one word, Bliss. All the geniuses through out history followed this beautiful thing called there “Bliss”.

    What is a bliss you ask? it is the thing you desire, dream of, and want more then any thing. A bliss could be a experience, a dream job, or anything that you would do anything to have.

    Math and science was Albert Einstein’s bliss and it was through math and science that earned Albert Einstein the title of “Genius”. But was he truly a genius?

    After Einstein died scientists took parts of his brain and studied it compared to other brains and guess what they found! Nothing special! Whats even wilder is Einstein’s past experiences as a child.

    Einstein did very well in mathematics and science, however, when it came to non-math class such as history, geography, french, etc; he did pretty bad! But its Einstein, how could he do bad? There are two reasons for this:

1. Einstein’s schools were mostly focused on math

2. Math and science was Einstein’s bliss

    Einstein loved science and math which lead to him being much better at that then other subjects. Now does this fact make him a genius? OF COURSE NOT!

    He was simply doing what he loved to do and succeeded at it because he followed his bliss! Lets try another historic genius Leonardo Da Vinci, now this man had to be a genius …Right? Wrong!

    Da Vinci though still a little of a mystery to historians  is none the less a genius then you or I. Da Vinci loved art and seeing how things worked. As a child he would constantly carry around a notebook sketching and drawing things that interested him or things he thought were beautiful. 

    This, much like Einstein, was Da Vinci’s bliss. By following and doing the things he loved (art, learning how things worked, etc) he created world famous art and invented things way beyond there time.

    Though these things are impressive these famous men as well as countless others in history have done nothing that you or I could not do with our own bliss.

    So this begs the question, “What do you want to do?” or more specifically, “What is your bliss?” by doing the thing you love to do there is no limit to what you can achieve except the one you put on yourself.

    You may be asking, “Alright einstein, but how do I do that?” Its very simple, I point out how to do this in my previous post, “How Successful are well……Successful”. But to put it simply you are a limitless being with limitless potential. Joseph Campbell put it best. 

Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls.” 

                                                                                                   Joseph Campbell 


How Successful People Are Well……… Successful

SUCCESS, POWER, ICONS, HISTORY MAKERS! These titles and many more echo through out time and eternity and attach themselves to certain people through out history. People such as Ben Franklin, Albert Einstein, Gandhi, Michael Jordan, Steve Jobs, and much much more. But how did these people do it? Was it a natural born gift? Were they just geniuses of our time?

Or could it be something much simpler then that? What if the very thing these people all had could be found in three simple steps? You may be thinking to yourself “ya ya I’ve heard all this before?” but these peoples actions speak for themselves, and if you apply these steps and I mean REALLY apply these steps to your lives; your lives will be forever changed.

So lets get right into it, the three steps are as follows:

1. Mindset

2. Unwavering Belief

3. Constant Action

Lets start with Mindset, Gandhi, Steve Jobs, and Michael Jordan are a perfect example of a powerful mindset. A powerful mindset consists of an unstoppable decision that your goal or dream is going to happen no matter what.

A powerful mindset can not be influenced or changed by anyone or pushed off course from its goal or dream at hand.Gandhi and Steve Jobs are perfect examples of this very fact.

One had the mindset to create one of the greatest computers ever made and another had the mindset to change a whole nation without violence or war. Both of these men achieved greatness through a indestructible powerful mindset that they refused to change in order to achieve their goals.

YOU CAN DO THE SAME! Yes it is true! You can also create a indestructible mindset to your dreams and goals and achieve the very same success! Imagine having a confident and powerful state of mind that knows you will have your dream or goal.

Imagine being able to confidently take action and no matter what happened in your life you knew you were going to get your dream. This is the foundation of success. Without a powerful mindset you cannot achieve your goals or even touch your dreams. Imagine having a poor, weak, unconvincing mindset; what will your results be?

You guessed it, poor and weak results if any. You can do this now! Decide what you want, make it your number one goal in life and make it a habit to constantly tell your self that you will achieve that goal or dream. Drill it in your head till you literally brainwash yourself for success and greatness!

The second step in gaining success is Unwavering  Belief. Unwavering Belief goes hand in hand with Mindset, if you don’t have a powerful Belief system with a powerful mindset you will take no action. Why is that? Its because without these two foundations you won’t believe you can have your dream or goal so you’ll think “Why try?”

These two steps are crucial in gaining success! You will not succeed if you do not believe! The great Martin Luther King is an incredible example of Unwavering Belief. This man strongly believed that African Americans should have and would have equal rights.

As a result of these Powerful beliefs and mindsets he forever changed the United States! Now do you think he would have been able to do this with no belief in his cause or a focused mindset? OF COURSE NOT! He would have failed miserably! The same again is with you!

If you can create for yourself an Unwavering belief by knowing, having faith, and focusing on your goal you will have an Unwavering belief. Beliefs are very much like a muscle, they have to be worked out and constantly reinforced. You can do this by the third and final step.

Constant Action is the third and final key to success. By doing a small action toward your goal everyday you will build momentum and reach your goal and dream. It is by this persistence followed by a powerful mindset and an unwavering belief that makes men and women legends!

The key here is to take SMALL actions everyday if you try to do to much or to big of actions you will exhaust yourself and eventually give up on your goal or dream. By taking your time however and taking small actions you will slowly build momentum; making it easier and easier to take more actions and make more progress. Before long you will have achieved your goal.

Start right now! What do you want out of life? What is it that you want to achieve? Focus on that goal and dream, know you can have it, make it number one in your life and don’t let anyone make it anything less then number one. Then take small actions everyday to build momentum and achieve success. By following these three steps you will be on your way to success.

“Never give in, in nothing great or small, large or petty, never give in except of honor and good sense. Never yield to force; never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.” Sir Winston Churchill

How to have fun in a club AND have women hit on YOU!!!!!

This I must say is one of the greatest things I have ever learned! I am going to show YOU how to have a blast in the club AND have women hit on YOU!!!

STEP 1: Relies the club is like the matrix, EVERYONE IS FAKE!


STEP 2: Do whatever & dress however you want! I literally felt like wearing a shipping caption’s hat with a giant fur coat to the club. Why you ask? Because I felt like it, and as I said in step one everyone there is fake anyway pretending to be people there not, might as well have fun with it!

STEP 3: Go to the club NOT for the women, for the fun! Yes I said it dont go to hit on women, go to have FUN with your friends and for yourself. Its kinda the saying “Dont put all your egg in one basket” If you put all of your hopes of having fun into hitting on women your time is going to SUCK!!!! So do it for you, not the sluts in the club.

Now by following these steps and essentially NOT GIVING A..you know what..and literally doing whatever YOU want, women, people in the club, and your friends will respect you and want to hang with you. Why does this work?

When women saw I didn’t care that they were there, and I wasn’t hitting on them or noticing them because there good looking, they came to me and started trying to get my attention!!! I’M SERIOUS!! IT WAS CRAZY!! I left that club hooking up my friends while living like a god in the club! So go give it a try, say you want to dress like a (cat, astronaut, superhero) DO IT dress and act however you want, because remember everyone in there is not themselves anyway! Don’t go for the women go for the FUN! Give it a try an

d let me know how it goes, I wou

ld love to know!


Epic camping!!!

We had planned this camping trip for a couple months and time had finally come. My friends Dylan, Nathan, Robbie, Brad, and myself were going camping. We were to stay at Dylan’s grandpa’s trailer out in the country! We set out on are drive with are selves to keep us company. Its funny how some of the best and friendliest conversations can happen on long summer drives. After a few pit stops and some wrong turns we finally arrived at the trailer.

It was set upon a tall grassy hill with deep woods behind it. We got out of my truck (Chevrolet) and started setting up camp. As we walked around the grassy hill we noticed there were tons of dragon flies floating all around us, it was like a busy traffic in New York city except for bugs. We set up are tents in the 95 degree weather. It was at this point we ran into are first problem, there was no phone signal where we were. We tried to make calls to Brad to help him get to the camping sight.

Dylan and Robbie were arguing about the problem and how they were going to get a hold of Brad, after some more arguing we found that by standing in the right spot on the hill you could get a signal, so we were able to help Brad. Once everyone was at the camp sight we made a fire and grabbed some Coca Colas and talked around the fire. It was incredible out there on that cool night because you could see the Milky way from on top of that hill. It was a white glaze over the dark speckled night. It was a productive first day. Me and Nathan had went on a adventures hike through the woods to explore, we had got fire wood for the fire, and we had set up camp all in one day.

It was going to be an amazing trip (or so it seemed). The next morning we woke up in the tent ready for the morning I had slept well except for my legs had been itchy all night I took off my socks and froze in horror! My legs were covered in ticks and they all had bit me! I couldn’t get them off and I didn’t know what to do. I talked to my friends who were also not sure what to do. We set out to to Johnson shut ins (an incredible park where there is hiking trails, rapids, cliffs, and swimming holes).

Nathan and Robbie had left before us so it was me, Brad, and Dylan on the search to reunite the fellowship. After walking the paths we were on top of a cliff and spotted them down below by a large swimming hole. We took off down the cliff climbing over rocks and sliding down through rapids between rocks to finally meet them at the bottom. We swam a little and enjoyed the scenery. I looked in despair at the legs the ticks were still on my leg and my legs were beginning to swell. I looked up to see people jumping off the cliff into the swimming hole below.

I asked Robbie how hight the cliff was. It was a 50 foot drop. I looked at my friends and said “Lets do it” so we began to climb the cliff, it seemed like forever that we climbed that cliff higher and higher until we finally arrived at the one of the ledges. it was a small pointed ledge that people were jumping off of. I went to climb down to the edge slipped almost sliding off the cliff! My heart was racing as I threw my sandals off the edge of the cliff and walked shaking to the edge of the cliff.

I looked down to the what looked like a tiny pool down below. I told Robbie to count down for me. 3…2…1. On 1 I jumped. “Oh God!” I yelled as I fell from the cliff I was falling for a long time as the water grew closer and closer.

I crossed my arms straightened my legs and hoped for the best as I hit the water, hard! I swam up and coughed water (I LIVED!). I swam to shore and laid there looking at the cliff I just leaped off of with a feeling of accomplishment. I looked at my legs all the ticks had fallen off in the process! Robbie and Brad jumped off the cliff as well then it was Dylan’s turn. But Dylan didn’t just jump off, he climbed higher!

Dylan was about 60 or 65 feet high on the cliff! We all thought he wasn’t going to jump until he put his hands together and began to meditate on the edge of the cliff then yelling “GOD HELP ME!” he jumped! He fell and hit the water inches from the rocks! He swam up laughing but then yelled for help so we swam out and dragged him on shore! To this day he still holdes his epic tale of the cliff jump over us.


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The College Party

It was my first semester in a University and after meeting my roommate and exploring the campus for a couple days we were on the hunt for are first college party. After asking around my roommate Cory found one. He had been talking to a president of a fraternity named Ross, who apparently threw some of the best parties around. We got the invite and headed out that night by car. As we drove threw the lit up streets of downtown Springfield we parked in a parking garage we set out the rest of the way on foot. With us was Cory’s future girlfriend Tristen and her friend Hannah.

Now in Springfield you should know that there are a couple of buildings that have been abandon and emptied for rent. We crossed the street and stopped in front of a dark two story building with windows black out and door that looked like it had been kicked in. Cory looked around and didn’t say a word. I asked “Where is the party at bro?” he responded “were here” he pushed open the broken door and pulled back a black curtain to revel a huge lobby with college kids pre gaming! There was music, women, and of course tons and tons of alcohol. After a while talking with Ross and the other college kids all of a sudden tons of kids started to arrive and I mean tons!

The place was packed! There was dancing, bear pong, frats, women, anything you could want out of a college party. After a couple hours we entered what I would like to call the drunk phase of the party. People started to get crazy! People were dancing and spilling beer, people were throwing up, and Tristen was laughing at everyone! I went outside to get some air and started talking to some of the people outside.

After awhile a huge muscle man started stumbling are way (He was obviously on some kind of drug). He stopped and looked at all of us saying, “the f#*k you guys doin?” somebody told him it was a party going on. He then looked at the smallest guy out there and said “Look at this skinny f#*k!” The guy looked at him like he was crazy. The huge guy then pushed in really hard almost knocking him over and making him drop his phone. The guy responded “Dude what the hell” and picked up his phone.

The huge guy responded “Ill beat your ass I know MMAhhhhh” (I think he meant mma). The guy then punch the smaller guy int he face! I tried to blend into the wall as best as I could to not be seen. The guy wondered away and I went back inside in case he came back! The party was still crazy and I danced with a girl then finding Cory they were ready to go. We were about to set out when we realized Hannah was missing! I went back inside to find her and I did she was dancing with a guy and making out with him.

I told her we were leaving so she followed me with the strange guy. They made out outside for a little while then me and the guy talked I asked him his name and he responded “My names Superman” so after a few more words and Hannah a few more kisses we left. We got back and crashed after a crazy night! And that was my first College party!


The Mighty Hike

       I have been on many hikes in my life and I love the out doors and the exercise. But, this was the hardest and longest hike I have ever been on! 12 miles of hiking as well as climbing cliffs and going through rapids! It all began when my roommate discovered that one of the worlds biggest waterfalls was just a couple hours away! It was located in Compton, Arkansas and we wanted to see it in person! So after some planning and asking what friends would be willing to come.

         After everything was set up we were ready to go. We set out at 5 in the morning and grabbed some Mcdonalds. After Mcdonalds we set out again, all was well until are first problem arrived, Mcdonald’s made me sick! I resisted throwing up and was hurting the whole 3 hour ride there! The moment we arrived to the beginning of the trail was the greatest day of my life. We got out of the car and began are journey. 

        The beginning of the hike was a beautiful one the weather was perfect and it was fall so there was leafs that would fall slowly around as we hiked. My roommate Cory went to take a picture of the nature, however, as he took the picture he dropped his phone in the creek, however, he saved it just in time which made it pretty funny. We continued on are way and ran into a small creek crossing with some mini waterfalls all around. It was again an awesome sight, however, we still needed to cross. We found some rocks  nearby that we crossed, well, almost all of us. One are friends Mike got stuck on the rock in the middle of the creek and didn’t want to get wet so he was having trouble crossing.

       After finally talking him through it he finally leaped to the other side (and got wet haha). We continued on are way and ran into some old Ford model cars in the middle of no where. It was the weirdest but coolest sight we had seen so far on the hike. We found that one was an old cop car and other normal. I would like to think it was a deadly police chase one that ended there. We continued to hike and found are next problem, rapids.

        After discussing how to cross the angry waters we decided the only way was to walk straight through it. So one by one we crossed, all of us except for another one of are friends, Romeo. Romeo was staring at the water in despair yelling “NO GOD NO!” Finally one of are friends Andrew crossed back over threw Romeo over his shoulder and crossed back with Romeo dry. We pushed on after crossing 3 more rapids we came out of the wilderness into a large dried up creek it was an amazing sight! There was another small waterfall as well as some fish with some photogenic scenes. We went on through the trails, up and down hills as well as winding paths.

        We climbed a large hill to find another strange sight, a log cabin. The cabin was set on top of a large hill that over looked the the large park and forest. We decided it was a perfect place to stop for lunch. After eating we set out again into the wild. Down we climbed to a creek, where we met are 3 problem, we were lost. The path split into two different directs each going into separate directions.

        We returned back to the cabin to discuss what to do. Luckily we ran into some hikers (with epic beards) that knew the way and mapped it out for us. So after a quick look at the hand drawn map we choose the right path. We climbed up a large cliff to find a portion of the forest that was bamboo (How bamboo got out in Arkansas, I will never know). As we continued we started noticing more and more mini waterfalls were appearing around us. Then we heard it, it was faint but close, it was the boss of all waterfalls!

        So we ran ahead, climbed some large rocks, and was blasted by misted wind! We did it! The waterfall was massive, and an incredible sight to see. It was cradled in a huge U shaped cavern. We gazed at the waterfall and realized there was one thing left to do, Stand under it! We tore are shirts off and charged the waterfall yelling!

        I can honestly say the standing under the waterfall was the closest i have ever felt to God. After taking pictures and contemplating life we made are way back to the car. As we were heading back we ran into are last problem, it was getting dark and fast. We tried to make a good pace, however, the last few miles of the hike was all uphill! It was a tough climb and hard to see even with flash lights.

      After what seemed like forever we finally made it back to the car drove and drove home with are tales and are memories.