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Invisible Children co founder arrested


After over 86 million views on youtube, countless facebook support, and a wide spreading of the famous title. “Kony 2012” has become one of the fastest growing viral video in history!! But, after controversy with money, legitimacy of Kony still being a problem, and more recently the bazar incident of Jason Russell. the question must be asked, “Has Kony 2012 come to an end?” On March 5, 2012 when “Kony 2012” was released, support started immediately with thousands of dollars in donations, as well as “Kony 2012” starter packs being sold out almost instantly! All seemed well until a discovery was made!

Only 38% of the money donated went to the children of Uganda! People were outraged and wanted answers. the Founder of “The Invisible Children” Ben Keesey (The organization behind Kony 2012) was asked for answers. He replied in an interview with Yahoo, “The money is split in thirds, so that the money is evenly distributed among the company and the cause.” The troubles didn’t stop there. People began to argue that Kony wasn’t even an issue any more and that it was a waste of money, but, the biggest bomb shell was most recent when the co-founder of the “Invisiable Children” Jason Russell was found naked and masturbating in public, seeming to be on some kind of drug.

He was hospitalized, but, not arrested, however, it was enough to make the “Kony 2012” sensation go quiet. Where does “Kony 2012” go from here? Is it just another bandwagon that has come and gone, or will “Kony 2012” make a dramatic come back? Time will only tell if “Kony 2012” will last in the year 2012.


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