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The Greatest Light Show of the Century

After a night of Sherlock Holmes with the girlfriend, some hanging with friends while trying Gummy bears made of rum, I found myself sleeping in till 12! After packing my things and saying good by to my roommate I set out on my trip to Columbia, Missouri to visit some friends in the area. After a couple hours of driving and one stop at gas station I arrived. Outside the line of apartments I parked the car and began to search for room 9. The hallways were dark and cold, as well as, the only light to be given was the light from the door bells of the rooms. After climbing two flights of stairs I found the room and entered to find my friends as well as some new comers.

There was Stephen a easy going roommate who was a fan of marijuana and chilling. Then there was the mysteries James, who I had heard about many times before I came out to Columbia. James “The roommate” who never cleaned after himself and would disappear in his room for long periods of time. When I eventually meet James he seemed easy going and always willing to take part in all conversations. After eating dinner of hamburgers and salad we headed out to a nearby park and went for a hike at night. It was a full moon with its light reflecting off the trees and creek water. we walked and talked about everything.

My girlfriend said it best, “The best conversations happen at night.” we ran into a pair of deer and after some more walking we headed back and got some taco bell with some Andy’s custard (if you are ever in Columbia, MO please be sure to get Andy’s its some of the best custard out there.) we headed back and after playing some baseball and Battlefront 2 on the playstation we plugged in the laser machine that put on an amazing light show on the ceiling, and with it we put on the Deadmau5. If you haven’t ever seen one of these laser machines you can find them on thinkgeek.com or Spencers gifts. The sight was incredible! a galaxy of tiny lights flying all over the ceiling some exploding like fireworks and others simply going with the tide of the other lights.

The beat of the electronic music with the lights added to the experience tremendously. At the end of the night it was me and my original friends from my home town, me, nathan, and tanner the original gang.


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