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Day two of my adventure in Columbia was one of my best trips this year! I started off with a bus ride with Stephen to the Mizzou campus. It was one of the most beautiful college campuses I had ever seen! From there we got Starbucks with a friend of mine named Tanner. After talking for bit he walked to his next class and I took the pleasure of exploring the campus. I first explored the building in the photo.

From there I went out the pillars of Mizzou and took a picture for a mother and daughter then went on my way. I later ran into a random robot car that approached me with its mechanical wheels whining. I found the drivers of the car and struck up a conversation with them and even got to drive the car! After saying goodbye I ran into some hippies playing frisbee together and joined them. They were some of the most free spirited people i had ever meet! After departing from them I began to explore down town Columbia.

I meet i saxaphone player that was all about three things: Jazz, Love, and the Universe. I meet a DJ in a bar who made some of the best mixes I had ever heard from a local DJ, I found a organic store tucked into the back allies of Columbia, and I also meet some very conversational people in a Slackers! I later meet my friend Nathan at a pizza restaurant called “Shakespeare’s Pizza”. The food was incredible as well as the atmosphere. It had a feeling of a classic italian restaurant but in a current form! We watched the Cardinals game on one of theTVs and discussed life then struck up a conversation with some skateboarders across from us.

We then headed back to the apartments and planned what else we would do with the day. We decided to go to are friends house to pre-game before some party he had planned. After a couple of drinks we headed to the party where we meet some interesting people of different kinds, there were scuba divers, musicians, and then just the your everyday party rockers. We went on to play one of the strangest drinking games I have ever played. In this particular game you had a stump (and yes, I mean a tree stump) the host then proceeded to put 5 nails into the stump. The rule was each player would take turns flipping a hammer, catching it, then trying to hit the other players nails in one move!

Now when you have some drunk people playing it becomes pretty entertaining. There were hammers flying into walls, nails bouncing into the air, and friends having a good time. at one of the party I almost got Nathan a lap dance by some girl at the party but we just played some Super Smash bros instead. after a long night we eat some pizza and crashed back at the apartments. All I can say is AAADVENTURE TIME!!!!


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