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The Mighty Hike

       I have been on many hikes in my life and I love the out doors and the exercise. But, this was the hardest and longest hike I have ever been on! 12 miles of hiking as well as climbing cliffs and going through rapids! It all began when my roommate discovered that one of the worlds biggest waterfalls was just a couple hours away! It was located in Compton, Arkansas and we wanted to see it in person! So after some planning and asking what friends would be willing to come.

         After everything was set up we were ready to go. We set out at 5 in the morning and grabbed some Mcdonalds. After Mcdonalds we set out again, all was well until are first problem arrived, Mcdonald’s made me sick! I resisted throwing up and was hurting the whole 3 hour ride there! The moment we arrived to the beginning of the trail was the greatest day of my life. We got out of the car and began are journey. 

        The beginning of the hike was a beautiful one the weather was perfect and it was fall so there was leafs that would fall slowly around as we hiked. My roommate Cory went to take a picture of the nature, however, as he took the picture he dropped his phone in the creek, however, he saved it just in time which made it pretty funny. We continued on are way and ran into a small creek crossing with some mini waterfalls all around. It was again an awesome sight, however, we still needed to cross. We found some rocks  nearby that we crossed, well, almost all of us. One are friends Mike got stuck on the rock in the middle of the creek and didn’t want to get wet so he was having trouble crossing.

       After finally talking him through it he finally leaped to the other side (and got wet haha). We continued on are way and ran into some old Ford model cars in the middle of no where. It was the weirdest but coolest sight we had seen so far on the hike. We found that one was an old cop car and other normal. I would like to think it was a deadly police chase one that ended there. We continued to hike and found are next problem, rapids.

        After discussing how to cross the angry waters we decided the only way was to walk straight through it. So one by one we crossed, all of us except for another one of are friends, Romeo. Romeo was staring at the water in despair yelling “NO GOD NO!” Finally one of are friends Andrew crossed back over threw Romeo over his shoulder and crossed back with Romeo dry. We pushed on after crossing 3 more rapids we came out of the wilderness into a large dried up creek it was an amazing sight! There was another small waterfall as well as some fish with some photogenic scenes. We went on through the trails, up and down hills as well as winding paths.

        We climbed a large hill to find another strange sight, a log cabin. The cabin was set on top of a large hill that over looked the the large park and forest. We decided it was a perfect place to stop for lunch. After eating we set out again into the wild. Down we climbed to a creek, where we met are 3 problem, we were lost. The path split into two different directs each going into separate directions.

        We returned back to the cabin to discuss what to do. Luckily we ran into some hikers (with epic beards) that knew the way and mapped it out for us. So after a quick look at the hand drawn map we choose the right path. We climbed up a large cliff to find a portion of the forest that was bamboo (How bamboo got out in Arkansas, I will never know). As we continued we started noticing more and more mini waterfalls were appearing around us. Then we heard it, it was faint but close, it was the boss of all waterfalls!

        So we ran ahead, climbed some large rocks, and was blasted by misted wind! We did it! The waterfall was massive, and an incredible sight to see. It was cradled in a huge U shaped cavern. We gazed at the waterfall and realized there was one thing left to do, Stand under it! We tore are shirts off and charged the waterfall yelling!

        I can honestly say the standing under the waterfall was the closest i have ever felt to God. After taking pictures and contemplating life we made are way back to the car. As we were heading back we ran into are last problem, it was getting dark and fast. We tried to make a good pace, however, the last few miles of the hike was all uphill! It was a tough climb and hard to see even with flash lights.

      After what seemed like forever we finally made it back to the car drove and drove home with are tales and are memories.



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