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The College Party

It was my first semester in a University and after meeting my roommate and exploring the campus for a couple days we were on the hunt for are first college party. After asking around my roommate Cory found one. He had been talking to a president of a fraternity named Ross, who apparently threw some of the best parties around. We got the invite and headed out that night by car. As we drove threw the lit up streets of downtown Springfield we parked in a parking garage we set out the rest of the way on foot. With us was Cory’s future girlfriend Tristen and her friend Hannah.

Now in Springfield you should know that there are a couple of buildings that have been abandon and emptied for rent. We crossed the street and stopped in front of a dark two story building with windows black out and door that looked like it had been kicked in. Cory looked around and didn’t say a word. I asked “Where is the party at bro?” he responded “were here” he pushed open the broken door and pulled back a black curtain to revel a huge lobby with college kids pre gaming! There was music, women, and of course tons and tons of alcohol. After a while talking with Ross and the other college kids all of a sudden tons of kids started to arrive and I mean tons!

The place was packed! There was dancing, bear pong, frats, women, anything you could want out of a college party. After a couple hours we entered what I would like to call the drunk phase of the party. People started to get crazy! People were dancing and spilling beer, people were throwing up, and Tristen was laughing at everyone! I went outside to get some air and started talking to some of the people outside.

After awhile a huge muscle man started stumbling are way (He was obviously on some kind of drug). He stopped and looked at all of us saying, “the f#*k you guys doin?” somebody told him it was a party going on. He then looked at the smallest guy out there and said “Look at this skinny f#*k!” The guy looked at him like he was crazy. The huge guy then pushed in really hard almost knocking him over and making him drop his phone. The guy responded “Dude what the hell” and picked up his phone.

The huge guy responded “Ill beat your ass I know MMAhhhhh” (I think he meant mma). The guy then punch the smaller guy int he face! I tried to blend into the wall as best as I could to not be seen. The guy wondered away and I went back inside in case he came back! The party was still crazy and I danced with a girl then finding Cory they were ready to go. We were about to set out when we realized Hannah was missing! I went back inside to find her and I did she was dancing with a guy and making out with him.

I told her we were leaving so she followed me with the strange guy. They made out outside for a little while then me and the guy talked I asked him his name and he responded “My names Superman” so after a few more words and Hannah a few more kisses we left. We got back and crashed after a crazy night! And that was my first College party!



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