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Epic camping!!!

We had planned this camping trip for a couple months and time had finally come. My friends Dylan, Nathan, Robbie, Brad, and myself were going camping. We were to stay at Dylan’s grandpa’s trailer out in the country! We set out on are drive with are selves to keep us company. Its funny how some of the best and friendliest conversations can happen on long summer drives. After a few pit stops and some wrong turns we finally arrived at the trailer.

It was set upon a tall grassy hill with deep woods behind it. We got out of my truck (Chevrolet) and started setting up camp. As we walked around the grassy hill we noticed there were tons of dragon flies floating all around us, it was like a busy traffic in New York city except for bugs. We set up are tents in the 95 degree weather. It was at this point we ran into are first problem, there was no phone signal where we were. We tried to make calls to Brad to help him get to the camping sight.

Dylan and Robbie were arguing about the problem and how they were going to get a hold of Brad, after some more arguing we found that by standing in the right spot on the hill you could get a signal, so we were able to help Brad. Once everyone was at the camp sight we made a fire and grabbed some Coca Colas and talked around the fire. It was incredible out there on that cool night because you could see the Milky way from on top of that hill. It was a white glaze over the dark speckled night. It was a productive first day. Me and Nathan had went on a adventures hike through the woods to explore, we had got fire wood for the fire, and we had set up camp all in one day.

It was going to be an amazing trip (or so it seemed). The next morning we woke up in the tent ready for the morning I had slept well except for my legs had been itchy all night I took off my socks and froze in horror! My legs were covered in ticks and they all had bit me! I couldn’t get them off and I didn’t know what to do. I talked to my friends who were also not sure what to do. We set out to to Johnson shut ins (an incredible park where there is hiking trails, rapids, cliffs, and swimming holes).

Nathan and Robbie had left before us so it was me, Brad, and Dylan on the search to reunite the fellowship. After walking the paths we were on top of a cliff and spotted them down below by a large swimming hole. We took off down the cliff climbing over rocks and sliding down through rapids between rocks to finally meet them at the bottom. We swam a little and enjoyed the scenery. I looked in despair at the legs the ticks were still on my leg and my legs were beginning to swell. I looked up to see people jumping off the cliff into the swimming hole below.

I asked Robbie how hight the cliff was. It was a 50 foot drop. I looked at my friends and said “Lets do it” so we began to climb the cliff, it seemed like forever that we climbed that cliff higher and higher until we finally arrived at the one of the ledges. it was a small pointed ledge that people were jumping off of. I went to climb down to the edge slipped almost sliding off the cliff! My heart was racing as I threw my sandals off the edge of the cliff and walked shaking to the edge of the cliff.

I looked down to the what looked like a tiny pool down below. I told Robbie to count down for me. 3…2…1. On 1 I jumped. “Oh God!” I yelled as I fell from the cliff I was falling for a long time as the water grew closer and closer.

I crossed my arms straightened my legs and hoped for the best as I hit the water, hard! I swam up and coughed water (I LIVED!). I swam to shore and laid there looking at the cliff I just leaped off of with a feeling of accomplishment. I looked at my legs all the ticks had fallen off in the process! Robbie and Brad jumped off the cliff as well then it was Dylan’s turn. But Dylan didn’t just jump off, he climbed higher!

Dylan was about 60 or 65 feet high on the cliff! We all thought he wasn’t going to jump until he put his hands together and began to meditate on the edge of the cliff then yelling “GOD HELP ME!” he jumped! He fell and hit the water inches from the rocks! He swam up laughing but then yelled for help so we swam out and dragged him on shore! To this day he still holdes his epic tale of the cliff jump over us.


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