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After 15 days of waiting my girlfriend was finally coming out to see me! And on my 21st birthday! it was a   beautiful summer day when i seen her red toyota pull in the drive I ran to the car and scooped her up and spun her like a amusement park ride, and to her, it might as well have been one! as we had are kisses and greetings and long talks about what all we did so far, my family got back and it was a whole new celebration! I find that it is strange having long distance relationships, reason being is because you get used to talking to the individual through text messages and on computers and suddenly one day here they are in front of you in the flesh!! we ate dinner then had cake (it was my birthday of course!) then my girlfriend comes out with a bag on the front i says “if convenient open, if not convenient open anyway.”

             This was an inside joke from Sherlock Holmes, but it was a tv show that we watched at the time. Inside was a hand drawn picture that her sister had drawn, New Zealand water (which she said was normal water but i disagreed!), Modern Warfare 3 (A epic video game at the time), Tea (Again from Sherlock Holmes, and a Sherlock Holmes t-shirt! Each present was well thought out and it really showed how much my girlfriend cared! I was also thought, “HOW THE HELL AM I GOING TO TOP THIS!!) My friend came over later for a birthday party friends I had known for years from college and even middle school alike and along with them I had my beautiful girlfriend to show off to them. It was a dream come true from the start! there was food presents and lots of laughing and fun. At one point of the night, my girlfriend started getting a little slap happy and everything was hilarious to her, even my friend sitting on the couch upside down was like a stand up comedian to her.

               The next morning was a little strange I had become slightly ill from some unknown cause. After fighting it for 4 hours I finally got over it and enjoyed the day! It was another beautiful summer day not to hot, and not cold, but just right! We took this day to go driving around the neighborhood to this covered bridge that I knew about! we went out there and looked around a bit then headed back as we drove back however my brother gunned the car to full speed through the covered bride, what he didn’t know was that the bridge had a bit of a bump and hill inside of it; however, by the time we seen this it was to late! We bounced in are seats with the care as it went a little air born out of the covered bridge it was like something out of a movie!

                   When we got back my and the girlfriend decided that we were going to walk back and get some photos of the bridge for her, so we walked back and took some photos then walked back, (It was a good 5 mile walk!) When we got back we went to church, now this church is not like your normal church, sure you have your good messages and your worship, but at this church you have people that put more effort into worship then other people. There were people dancing, speaking in tongues, jumping, crawling you name it was there! After the service we got back and called it a night, (You would be tired to after all that!) Then next morning I woke up sick again! After getting over it again after 4 hours we decided to go to Barns and Noble a book store and spend some birthday money on adventure, knowledge, or whatever else we run into.

                 Books I find are play grounds for your mind and your imagination to be free with the story that is given to you! I found two books, Thoreau, and Emerson both philosophers back in the day with incredible knowledge about life and nature, check them out if you ever get the chance! After that we headed back to house and ran into some road rage with some crazy drivers, they were cursing and flipping us off and as they passed I smiled really big and waved, because people hate it when after all that yelling and screaming they find that they haven’t done and thing to scare you or make you mad. We made it home and had some amazing dinner my mom had made, and after sitting outside and enjoying the day ending we went to bed. the next morning I woke up again! Sick from some strange reason we couldn’t figure out what the deal was, but I got over it again!

             This was the last day my girlfriend was going to be with us before she went home. We walked around the lake and talked about the how we could see each other more. When it reached the last ten minutes before she had to leave we just stood there in each others arms, I believe we were both thinking how we could forget the world and just stand there forever, but thats life for ya. I walked her to her car kissed her one more time, then again, then again, then one more for the rode. She told me she loved me and kissed her one last time and told her I loved her and off she went. I remember seeing a strand of her hair in the floor and it made me sad.

               ImageBut I knew I would see her again soon. In case you were wondering I figured out the reason I was getting sick was because of sleep depravation, thats when you have a girlfriend over and talk and don’t want to sleep.



It was a normal day going into my theater class, when I was approached by one of my friends who shaked my hand and told me to have fun. I looked down in my hand and there was a Wiz Khalifa ticket!! He had come to perform at my campus one night only and it was a sold out show! I felt like Charlie from Willy Wonka with the golden ticket! I thanked him tones and after class went back to the room to learn up on this rapper Wiz Khalifa! After listening to a bit of his music (Which was awesome!!) I went to learn about the rapper himself.

Notorious for being a supporter of marijuana and parting it appeared that this concert was going to be a wild one. Later that day I got to the college arena early so I could get a good spot, as me and some friends waited I noticed one by one more and more police and body guards beginning to appear, followed by signs being put up stating, “everyone subject to pat downs”. The police were ready for anything and I was beginning to think I should be to. after the gates opened I made it front row at the concert and couldn’t wait for the show to begin! a few hours of waiting and the lights faded for the first act called “Deans List” they were an incredible rap group and there music had everyone dancing but then things got interesting. The group had a slow song and asked everyone to put there phones up or lighters for the song, I turned to find ALL LIGHTERS.

At this point it doesn’t take a genius to realize people had weed! The final act ended and then it was time for Wiz Khalifa when he came out the crowd went wild! everyone screaming his name and pushing there way to get a glimpse of the legend but there was another thing. As soon as the first song started my friend told me to turn around and look, what I saw was the biggest and darkest cloud of marijuana I had ever seen and it was coming are way!!! It hit us like a dust storm and we were shocked by the clouds of it that kept coming in!! by the end of the show we all reeked of it!

As we left we decided we hadn’t had enough, so we changed clothes and made are way to the club, on the way we ran into the opening act “Dean’s list” and then made are way to the club. We got there people were dancing and going crazy(apparently having the same idea as us!) I met a guy named Tyler there, now Tyler was one of the best break dancers I had ever seen so we go out to the dance floor and begin taking turns show are moves! Slowly one by one more and more break dancers begin to appear with in 15 minutes we had five different dancers and the club had made a circle to watch the show we were putting on!

ImageAfter about 20 minutes of this my friends decided to look for some girls to dance with and they succeeded! I having a girlfriend decided it was time to go. On the walk back it was 3: 30 in the morning and I just stopped in the middle of the cold dimly lit street and looked around. This was life. New experiences, exploring, and simply living for the moment. I made it back to my bed and after telling the room mate about the adventure I passed out from exhaustion 


Day two of my adventure in Columbia was one of my best trips this year! I started off with a bus ride with Stephen to the Mizzou campus. It was one of the most beautiful college campuses I had ever seen! From there we got Starbucks with a friend of mine named Tanner. After talking for bit he walked to his next class and I took the pleasure of exploring the campus. I first explored the building in the photo.

From there I went out the pillars of Mizzou and took a picture for a mother and daughter then went on my way. I later ran into a random robot car that approached me with its mechanical wheels whining. I found the drivers of the car and struck up a conversation with them and even got to drive the car! After saying goodbye I ran into some hippies playing frisbee together and joined them. They were some of the most free spirited people i had ever meet! After departing from them I began to explore down town Columbia.

I meet i saxaphone player that was all about three things: Jazz, Love, and the Universe. I meet a DJ in a bar who made some of the best mixes I had ever heard from a local DJ, I found a organic store tucked into the back allies of Columbia, and I also meet some very conversational people in a Slackers! I later meet my friend Nathan at a pizza restaurant called “Shakespeare’s Pizza”. The food was incredible as well as the atmosphere. It had a feeling of a classic italian restaurant but in a current form! We watched the Cardinals game on one of theTVs and discussed life then struck up a conversation with some skateboarders across from us.

We then headed back to the apartments and planned what else we would do with the day. We decided to go to are friends house to pre-game before some party he had planned. After a couple of drinks we headed to the party where we meet some interesting people of different kinds, there were scuba divers, musicians, and then just the your everyday party rockers. We went on to play one of the strangest drinking games I have ever played. In this particular game you had a stump (and yes, I mean a tree stump) the host then proceeded to put 5 nails into the stump. The rule was each player would take turns flipping a hammer, catching it, then trying to hit the other players nails in one move!

Now when you have some drunk people playing it becomes pretty entertaining. There were hammers flying into walls, nails bouncing into the air, and friends having a good time. at one of the party I almost got Nathan a lap dance by some girl at the party but we just played some Super Smash bros instead. after a long night we eat some pizza and crashed back at the apartments. All I can say is AAADVENTURE TIME!!!!

The Greatest Light Show of the Century

After a night of Sherlock Holmes with the girlfriend, some hanging with friends while trying Gummy bears made of rum, I found myself sleeping in till 12! After packing my things and saying good by to my roommate I set out on my trip to Columbia, Missouri to visit some friends in the area. After a couple hours of driving and one stop at gas station I arrived. Outside the line of apartments I parked the car and began to search for room 9. The hallways were dark and cold, as well as, the only light to be given was the light from the door bells of the rooms. After climbing two flights of stairs I found the room and entered to find my friends as well as some new comers.

There was Stephen a easy going roommate who was a fan of marijuana and chilling. Then there was the mysteries James, who I had heard about many times before I came out to Columbia. James “The roommate” who never cleaned after himself and would disappear in his room for long periods of time. When I eventually meet James he seemed easy going and always willing to take part in all conversations. After eating dinner of hamburgers and salad we headed out to a nearby park and went for a hike at night. It was a full moon with its light reflecting off the trees and creek water. we walked and talked about everything.

My girlfriend said it best, “The best conversations happen at night.” we ran into a pair of deer and after some more walking we headed back and got some taco bell with some Andy’s custard (if you are ever in Columbia, MO please be sure to get Andy’s its some of the best custard out there.) we headed back and after playing some baseball and Battlefront 2 on the playstation we plugged in the laser machine that put on an amazing light show on the ceiling, and with it we put on the Deadmau5. If you haven’t ever seen one of these laser machines you can find them on thinkgeek.com or Spencers gifts. The sight was incredible! a galaxy of tiny lights flying all over the ceiling some exploding like fireworks and others simply going with the tide of the other lights.

The beat of the electronic music with the lights added to the experience tremendously. At the end of the night it was me and my original friends from my home town, me, nathan, and tanner the original gang.



Invisible Children co founder arrested


After over 86 million views on youtube, countless facebook support, and a wide spreading of the famous title. “Kony 2012” has become one of the fastest growing viral video in history!! But, after controversy with money, legitimacy of Kony still being a problem, and more recently the bazar incident of Jason Russell. the question must be asked, “Has Kony 2012 come to an end?” On March 5, 2012 when “Kony 2012” was released, support started immediately with thousands of dollars in donations, as well as “Kony 2012” starter packs being sold out almost instantly! All seemed well until a discovery was made!

Only 38% of the money donated went to the children of Uganda! People were outraged and wanted answers. the Founder of “The Invisible Children” Ben Keesey (The organization behind Kony 2012) was asked for answers. He replied in an interview with Yahoo, “The money is split in thirds, so that the money is evenly distributed among the company and the cause.” The troubles didn’t stop there. People began to argue that Kony wasn’t even an issue any more and that it was a waste of money, but, the biggest bomb shell was most recent when the co-founder of the “Invisiable Children” Jason Russell was found naked and masturbating in public, seeming to be on some kind of drug.

He was hospitalized, but, not arrested, however, it was enough to make the “Kony 2012” sensation go quiet. Where does “Kony 2012” go from here? Is it just another bandwagon that has come and gone, or will “Kony 2012” make a dramatic come back? Time will only tell if “Kony 2012” will last in the year 2012.

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