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How Successful People Are Well……… Successful

SUCCESS, POWER, ICONS, HISTORY MAKERS! These titles and many more echo through out time and eternity and attach themselves to certain people through out history. People such as Ben Franklin, Albert Einstein, Gandhi, Michael Jordan, Steve Jobs, and much much more. But how did these people do it? Was it a natural born gift? Were they just geniuses of our time?

Or could it be something much simpler then that? What if the very thing these people all had could be found in three simple steps? You may be thinking to yourself “ya ya I’ve heard all this before?” but these peoples actions speak for themselves, and if you apply these steps and I mean REALLY apply these steps to your lives; your lives will be forever changed.

So lets get right into it, the three steps are as follows:

1. Mindset

2. Unwavering Belief

3. Constant Action

Lets start with Mindset, Gandhi, Steve Jobs, and Michael Jordan are a perfect example of a powerful mindset. A powerful mindset consists of an unstoppable decision that your goal or dream is going to happen no matter what.

A powerful mindset can not be influenced or changed by anyone or pushed off course from its goal or dream at hand.Gandhi and Steve Jobs are perfect examples of this very fact.

One had the mindset to create one of the greatest computers ever made and another had the mindset to change a whole nation without violence or war. Both of these men achieved greatness through a indestructible powerful mindset that they refused to change in order to achieve their goals.

YOU CAN DO THE SAME! Yes it is true! You can also create a indestructible mindset to your dreams and goals and achieve the very same success! Imagine having a confident and powerful state of mind that knows you will have your dream or goal.

Imagine being able to confidently take action and no matter what happened in your life you knew you were going to get your dream. This is the foundation of success. Without a powerful mindset you cannot achieve your goals or even touch your dreams. Imagine having a poor, weak, unconvincing mindset; what will your results be?

You guessed it, poor and weak results if any. You can do this now! Decide what you want, make it your number one goal in life and make it a habit to constantly tell your self that you will achieve that goal or dream. Drill it in your head till you literally brainwash yourself for success and greatness!

The second step in gaining success is Unwavering  Belief. Unwavering Belief goes hand in hand with Mindset, if you don’t have a powerful Belief system with a powerful mindset you will take no action. Why is that? Its because without these two foundations you won’t believe you can have your dream or goal so you’ll think “Why try?”

These two steps are crucial in gaining success! You will not succeed if you do not believe! The great Martin Luther King is an incredible example of Unwavering Belief. This man strongly believed that African Americans should have and would have equal rights.

As a result of these Powerful beliefs and mindsets he forever changed the United States! Now do you think he would have been able to do this with no belief in his cause or a focused mindset? OF COURSE NOT! He would have failed miserably! The same again is with you!

If you can create for yourself an Unwavering belief by knowing, having faith, and focusing on your goal you will have an Unwavering belief. Beliefs are very much like a muscle, they have to be worked out and constantly reinforced. You can do this by the third and final step.

Constant Action is the third and final key to success. By doing a small action toward your goal everyday you will build momentum and reach your goal and dream. It is by this persistence followed by a powerful mindset and an unwavering belief that makes men and women legends!

The key here is to take SMALL actions everyday if you try to do to much or to big of actions you will exhaust yourself and eventually give up on your goal or dream. By taking your time however and taking small actions you will slowly build momentum; making it easier and easier to take more actions and make more progress. Before long you will have achieved your goal.

Start right now! What do you want out of life? What is it that you want to achieve? Focus on that goal and dream, know you can have it, make it number one in your life and don’t let anyone make it anything less then number one. Then take small actions everyday to build momentum and achieve success. By following these three steps you will be on your way to success.

“Never give in, in nothing great or small, large or petty, never give in except of honor and good sense. Never yield to force; never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.” Sir Winston Churchill