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How to have fun in a club AND have women hit on YOU!!!!!

This I must say is one of the greatest things I have ever learned! I am going to show YOU how to have a blast in the club AND have women hit on YOU!!!

STEP 1: Relies the club is like the matrix, EVERYONE IS FAKE!


STEP 2: Do whatever & dress however you want! I literally felt like wearing a shipping caption’s hat with a giant fur coat to the club. Why you ask? Because I felt like it, and as I said in step one everyone there is fake anyway pretending to be people there not, might as well have fun with it!

STEP 3: Go to the club NOT for the women, for the fun! Yes I said it dont go to hit on women, go to have FUN with your friends and for yourself. Its kinda the saying “Dont put all your egg in one basket” If you put all of your hopes of having fun into hitting on women your time is going to SUCK!!!! So do it for you, not the sluts in the club.

Now by following these steps and essentially NOT GIVING A..you know what..and literally doing whatever YOU want, women, people in the club, and your friends will respect you and want to hang with you. Why does this work?

When women saw I didn’t care that they were there, and I wasn’t hitting on them or noticing them because there good looking, they came to me and started trying to get my attention!!! I’M SERIOUS!! IT WAS CRAZY!! I left that club hooking up my friends while living like a god in the club! So go give it a try, say you want to dress like a (cat, astronaut, superhero) DO IT dress and act however you want, because remember everyone in there is not themselves anyway! Don’t go for the women go for the FUN! Give it a try an

d let me know how it goes, I wou

ld love to know!